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The company, in the service of health Labo Tech Labortechnik GmbH (Lab. technology), was founded in Rostock (Germany) in 1994 and operates principally as a medical service laboratory, with its own development department for innovative medical technology. The company concentrates its efforts on the application and development of the analysis of liquid organic materials, with a process involving the complex redox-analysis.

Environmental intoxication / oxidative stress

The oxygen contained in the respiratory air is inert. It is activated for the oxidation of food substances in the metabolic process. In this process highly reactive so-called radical intermediate stages arise. A portion of 5-6% of these radicals slips away from the enzymatically controlled bio-transformation and reacts chaotically in the cells. The chain reactions initiated in this process may damage or destroy all body substances. Environmental toxicants, radiation, electro-smog, etc., have a harmful effect in the body by accelerating and multiplying the activation of oxygen as radicals and also initiating chain reaction with increased frequency. This excess of radicals as an oxidative stress causes a great number of diseases and early ageing if the body does not have sufficient reserves of anti-oxidative protectants.

Medical treatment and supplementation

For the protection against harmful effects from radicals and radical chain reactions in the body every living organism has a multitude of anti-oxidants in all its body structures. Some of these substances such as vitamines and minerals are not biosyntheticised by our metabolism but have to be supplemented. Therefore, nutrition is so important for our health.
   What is the state of my health?
   How large is my reserve of anti-oxidants?
   How strong is my oxidative load?
   How many anti-oxidative protectants do I lack?

This is measured by means of the diagnostic programme of the redox-serum analysis. Based on our results a deficiency can be compensated individually and specifically by an accompanying vital substance supplementation.
The aim of such a therapy is to minimise radical harmful processes and restore or stabilise health by taking and controlling the effect of an effective load-orientated daily supplementation by anti-oxidants.

The analysis of stress factors and stress status Of whatever quality, all stress factors which burden human beings are released by radicals and lead thermodynamically to energetically graded permutations in the biostructures in the living cells and, as a consequence, are dependent upon intensity and duration of effectiveness, leading to damage of the cells or possibly to damage to the organs or to organisms. Any disruption of living systems (or ecological systems) leading to pathological changes in the system influence organic colloid structures (protein etc.) and their functions, destroying them or changing them gradually. The natural order is destroyed! In the course of this, there is a change in the redox potential (?E) of the materials concerned and this represents a measure of the changed order (entropy change = ?S).

                DS=1 (DH - DE × F × n)

  DH = enthalpy    n = number of electrons     F = Faraday factor

The direct dependence of the alteration of the entropy (DS) via the redox alteration (DE) resulting from alteration of the enthalpy (DE), also referred to as inner energy, becomes clear. The dimensions of entropy and their alterations are - with reference to biological systems - extremely difficult or completely impossible to measure directly for a routine application in the diagnosis of pathological alterations in a living organism. Hamann and Heinrich have inaugurated the idea of the diagnosis of the redox potential in native serum and other body liquids as a direct measurement of the altering effects of stress factors with biostructures, that is to say as evidence of damaging influences on the biostructures or in some cases of already existing damage to the biostructures. The measurement of the redox potentials and their alterations in highly complex biokolloid systems such as native serum, plasma, liquor and many others make it eminently suitable for the measurement of the alterations of the inner energy of the substances involved in biosystemic permutations of material and for the measurement and registration of altered thermodynamic order conditions - taking into account all the gradations between health and illness. With the implementation process introduced by the authors it is possible with redox measurements to clarify gradations of illness or contamination-specific fixed gradations of specifically triggered reactions in the serum samples. Pure blood contains a diversity of disturbance factors which can lead to mistakes or, as the case may be, demand such extreme standardisation, that as a rule blood is an unsuitable medium for routine redox measurements. Through the analysis of the seral redox potential and changes in it the measuring system that we have developed provides data for medical diagnoses, as well as prognoses for technological and for ecologically significant developments.

The application of redox analysis in medicine
    (human and vetrinary)

   · Preventive and environmental medicine
   · The screening of special-risk groups,(of high-powered
     sportsmen, all endangered or stressed professional groups)
   · differentiation of the healthy or the sick
   · Check-ups for malignant diseases (early and later stages)
   · Acute and chronic inflammatory illnesses (bacterially and virally
   · Fungal infections
   · Auto-immune infections and allergies
   · Illnesses connected with age
   · Electro-smog
   · Toxic damage of all descriptions (heavy metal, lipid solutions,

The "Complex Serum-Redox Analysis" offers in comparison to other hitherto existing methods an absolutely new diagnostic process with the following advantages: For the first time an investigation of the health state is possible in gradual degrees -i.e. early, already developing and pathological disorders (before the illness as such has made an appearence). Doctors in practice, laboratory communities, a clinic, research establishments health resorts or a non-medical practitioner will now be in the position to spot at a preventive stage damage to the body and to treat this early on and to keep an eye on the successful progress of the treatment.

Extended possibilities of application

   · Checking of biotechnological processes
   · Quality control of food products and animal feed
   · Veterinary medicine
   · Food-stuffs testing
   · The investigation of and the quality ascertainment of
     drinking and domestic water and sewage
   · The control of water quality in rivers, lakes or ponds etc
     (application to ecological questions


Managing Director: Dr. Heinrich
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Information concerning doctors –
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